Big Bear Medicine Wheel

In Memoriam

On October 5th 2005, Dr. Masaru Emoto addressed an audience of nearly 300 people in Big Bear.  His work demonstrates the consciousness and amazing properties of water through beautiful crystal images of water frozen under various harmonious vs. discordant conditions.  During his presentation, Dr. Emoto announced that Big Bear was being considered as the location for a future US laboratory.  Dr. Emoto and Bennie LeBeau were friends and colleagues, joining together in prayer and ceremony on several occasions.

The crystal image above resulted from water that had the Japanese words for “Love and Appreciation” taped to the container.

Much LOVE and GRATITUDE to our Earth Healing Angels!

Gina with Dr. Masaru Emoto (July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014) and Bennie LeBeau (July 15, 1950 – June 12, 2016)