Inner Healing

We are fully conscious beings, even as preborns, and we interpret our experiences from the start. We come to conclusions about ourselves and the world as a result of these interpretations. The conclusions, particularly those made in the earlier years, are based on subjective, and therefore distorted perceptions. All of our experiences, perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings are recorded and stored in the energy field we refer to as the mind. Any limited, negative or false beliefs may be considered “misconceptions” as compared with the perfection of the true Self.

Misconceptions tend to group up and become encapsulated around themes, trauma or age, and may appear to us internally as inner children, roles that we play in life, or archetypal/symbolic forms. These encapsulated consciousnesses, “inner selves”, can interfere with our direct connection to our own higher consciousness, which guides us along our inner path of personal healing.

By the time we are adults, we have so many subconsciously held misconceptions, that we have lost sight of our own inner beauty, uniqueness and purpose. We also tend to distort our perceptions of external events to conform with these misconceptions. In essence, misconceptions serve as a cloud around a brilliant light, keeping it from shining its brightest.

Inner Healing
Each of us is truly God’s gift to the world. God’s gift to each of us is an inner guidance system that helps us unravel the network of misconceptions and encapsulations to find our way back to wholeness, clarity and truth. Learning to access one’s own higher consciousness, which is capable of correcting misconceptions from within , starts us on the natural path of inner healing. Understanding how to direct the higher consciousness to work with the encapsulated selves is part of the knowledge needed for rapid transformative personal and spiritual growth.

The Inner Healing process can be pursued , to any desired level, with the following potential outcomes:

  • Release of false and limiting ideas about the self, others and the world.
  • Acceptance and unification of the self, unleashing creative energies.
  • Clarity regarding one’s purpose.
  • Continued attainment of higher levels of awareness.